Warrior Dash Lake Wales

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Location 16950 C.R. 630 East
Lake Wales
United States


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Discipline Obstacle Racing
Start Date/Time January 28, 2017 @ 8:00 am
End Date/Time N/A
Address Lake Wales
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February 3rd, 2013 5:43 pm

This was my third Warrior Dash, second at this location. The course was disappointing. We waited over 5 minutes at several obstacles. The monitors did nothing to help, I never even heard one speak. I skipped the giant slanted wall obstacle after being told the wait was 30 minutes. Mud runs and adventure runs should be fun. Waiting is not fun :(

We are not sure if we will do another Warrior Dash again.

Unhappy Warrior
February 3rd, 2013 2:13 pm

Al, I've done all the Highlander races, as well as some other events from ROA and I highly recommend them! You will LOVE that race!

Unhappy Warrior
February 3rd, 2013 2:16 pm

I just completed my 3rd and last Warrior Dash. On running the 9:00 wave, my first impression was that WD had finally upped their game by creating better, more challenging obstacles. When the 10:00 wave runners started coming through the finish line they were reporting that the series of high, slanting walls had a 35 minute wait and the monitors were telling people to bypass it if they didn’t want to wait. Later in the day, the wait increased to 50 minutes. By 12:00, the runners never even saw the lake obstacle series because it was broken and had been closed off.

I registered for this race hoping to go home with a cool AG helmet trophy, so when reports of closed obstacles and people by-passing obstacles started coming in, I spoke to a WD rep. Although she told me that the monitors at the obstacles were taking down bib numbers of people who skipped obstacles, my friends were all adamant about the fact that no one was doing any such thing. Skipping obstacles and closing off obstacles changed the course entirely and has a significant effect on the completion time.

When the results were posted, I noticed that despite crossing the finish line holding hands with a friend of mine, our times differed by 5 seconds. This is an impossibility.

Friends of mine have had similar issues at past WD races. This time, 5 people from my group felt they were cheated out of awards because of the low quality obstacles and poor race management decisions. We join the ranks of unhappy warriors that will not return and will probably discourage others from attending as well.

An event that is timed and offers awards is obligated to provide accurate timing and a fair and level playing field. WD does not and refuses to even attempt to fix the problems, issuing instead falsehoods and platitudes.

Now WD wants to step up to the big league with Iron Warrior Dash but given the recurring problems, I don't see experienced OCR runners paying for it.

Banana Man
February 3rd, 2013 8:37 am

Overall the event was great, the course was fun, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. If you haven't tried one, or you want a little something extra in your 5k, go do it.

I rate this race 4 bananas; one for each banana I saw in the woods where we changed out of our muddy clothes. A few minor tweaks would have made this event outstanding:

1) Fix the bottleneck at Vicious Valley. I was in the 10AM start (only 3 waves in) and we were waiting 15 - 20 min to get our turn. It was the only bottleneck and at the end of the race. Build two side by side with platform in between where your volunteers can observe safety and give advice to people unsure how to cross.

2) Changing areas. The woods are a campground and have signs posted warning prosecution for those displaying public nudity. We didn’t have much choice. Just put up two large tents (boy/girl) as a simple fix. Warriors know what they’re getting into and you’re not risking possible complaint from campers not participating in your event. As I was putting on my shirt three kids ran by me. If they were a few minutes earlier they would have witnessed All That Is Man. Warrior Dash might have been partially responsible for all future treatments to Inferiority complex they would no doubt suffer.

3) Checking IDs: Someone checked my ID after I had my race number on to let me use the port-a-let. Maybe that person was new. I swear I’m taking my own #2. Beer, however, I understand. To streamline that process I suggest giving those wristbands to the check-in folks. They already check your IDs to give you the race pack and at that time the volunteers could put the bracelet on the racer for them to prevent them from giving it to someone else. You can still keep a volunteer out near the beer to pick up the spectators or the racers that were missed for whatever reason.

All in all: great event. If this is the worst of the issues then I'll say you did well. I'll be back again soon.

Al the Warrior
February 2nd, 2013 2:44 pm

Warrior Dash was rock'in! I have only run some local road races but my gym buddies put a group together to do these obstacle races, it was very well organized and I felt like a kid again (I am 47). The music, food, beer and atmosphere felt like a rock concert broke out at a bootcamp class. Looking forward to the Highlander next month, well done today to Red Frog, maybe some fruit afterwards would have been perfect.

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