The Limberlost Challenge

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Location South Limberlost Road


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Discipline Trail Running
Start Date/Time July 8, 2017 @ 9:00 am
End Date/Time N/A
Address Huntsville
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rw bullock
July 10th, 2016 9:23 pm

I've run this race 3 times now and all things considered, it remains my favourite trail race in Ontario. I endorse all the previous positive comments:

Great challenging course, (very muddy this year), well organized, well-marked, wonderful people and very good food.
The small wooden medal is environmentally responsible and really is nicer than half a pound of metal that will likely end up in a landfill. The race director does not get nearly the recognition that he deserves! Many thanks!

Huntsville is a great destination with many amenities including nature parks near by. We plan to attend annually until we can't complete the course any longer.

August 2nd, 2015 3:46 pm

Great race, very challenging..well organized... They keep you wanting to return each year to better yourself... The volunteers are awesome, after race food is great as there is such a variety to accommodate all diets...
I will be back in 2016 for another 28k :)

July 14th, 2015 9:01 am

Ran this race on the weekend. I ran the 28KM distance. Was an intense run. The trails a challenging, technical, muddy, steep and rocky. It was the toughest run I've done but I enjoyed the whole experience. The lakes are beautiful the scenery all around amazing. I will likely do this run again next year :) :) :)

Rhonda Empey
July 13th, 2015 10:22 am

Tough tough course, however very peaceful. Wins=the volunteers are awesome (huge shout out to the group at aid station#1), could have used that energy along the whole route. I had a lot of personal issues on the first loop which really threw the whole race off, but I did pull through and even though I came in dead last I was still welcomed like a winner, and my personal win was not dnf'ING
(Unfortunate) losses=no trail etiquette from (not all, but alot) of the sprinters. I love seeing everyone out together however with so many single track section, we got almost knocked over a few times, next time tell just warn us before you are already beside us

July 18th, 2012 9:00 am

Great course. A must for anyone wishing to run Muskoka Ontario trails!

Jennifer Smith
July 14th, 2012 7:59 pm

The Limberlost Challenge took place in the Lake of Bays, near Huntsville, Ontario. It is a 14, 28, 42 or 56k trail race. It was my first trail race. I'd say the trail was difficult, but well laid out; no wrong turns made and made you stay on your toes. There was no way you could 'zone out' on this single track. Some people brought head phones, but I'd have to think they were newbies, as you had to be constantly vigil of runners coming up from behind "on your left" was used constantly, but with sometimes only 6 inches between rock and cliff; you have to be careful.
The weather was super hot this year, worried about the bugs, but they weren't a problem at all. A few boggy areas, in which you couldn't help but get muddy was no problem either. Gorgeous scenery. Ran around multiple lakes. Starting line had hot coffee/tea and bagels ( I did not partake) they only had about 8-10 porta potties, but for some reason the lines were never more than 10 min to wait. 3 fueling stations enroute. Because of the heat; the liquids were warm, but much appreciated, as was the chips, pretzels, cookies, granola bars, watermelon and oranges that were laid out at each one.. also heed and gels.. all you could want. This was FANTASTIC! Gun start, chip finish, although Chip Time messed up my name, city and time (by about 4 min or so.) A gorgeous dip in one of the lakes afterwards, fully clothed and all! Perfect end with refreshments and food. Pulled pork sandwiches, gourmet salads (tomato,bean, potato and coleslaw) w pop and iced cold water, juices, etc. No medals (again)-I wish they would hand out SOMETHING.. a ribbon? Something a local kindergarten class made? Lovely t-shirt, haven't tried it on yet, but looks pretty good for size wise. No 'swag' bag; but its a great laid back atmosphere; everyone who passed me (there were a LOT) was extremely polite and appreciative of your efforts to make it easier for them. Not one stupid person that I met. I love that. Brought your own dishes, so no huge clean up. SMART! (although dirty to carry back home). The trail was gorgeous, with lots of streams, beaver dams, bridges, rocks, fallen trees, boggy areas, lakes, and tree ROOTS galore. More than half the people fell at one point; given the terrain, thats not too bad! I'd do this one again (14k) but I need about a year to recover from those HILLS!!! Both down and UP!

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