The Canadian 113 Triathlon, Duathlon & Relays Triathlon

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Location 2960 Riverside Dr.


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Discipline Triathlon
Start Date/Time September 2, 2017 @ 10:05 am
End Date/Time N/A
Address Ottawa
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September 7th, 2012 2:40 pm

I did the Iron 113. It was my first.

In a nutshell, the race was good. The water was relatively calm, except when race official boats ripped by for some reason.

The bike was good, some shade. I liked that when we crossed the timing mat the announcer called out our name and how many laps we have left. Made counting so much easier!

The run, however, could have been better for a variety of reasons. First, the water stations were all on top of each other. Two right out of gate at the turnaround point but nothing until the other turnaround and there were three at that spot. One could have really been used at the entrance/exit to the park. The water could have also been colder versus the very warm stuff offered.

Now, what I really took issue with was the volunteers pre and post-race. The ones on course were great.

Pre-race, these people knew nothing. I saw the kit pick up tent - the only thing on the entire race site labeled. Got my kit but noticed the swim cap and shirt were missing. I asked where to get them. The answer: "I don't know." Awesmoe. How about where the pre-race meeting is being held? "I don't know. Awesome again.

I did finally figure out where the cap and shirt could be found. But they too knew nothing about a pre-race meeting, let alone it's location. Every other volunteer I found was just as informative.

I finally found the pre-race meeting. Very good BTW.

Next morning. Body marking was DIY. So you hoped for someone kind enough to do it and who had legible writing.

Next, the timing chip. It took 30 minutes to find the booth because again, not one volunteer knew where it was. I was pointed to every other spot on site except the right one. It took my husband the specator/sherpa to find it for me and he only stumbled on it accidentally.

My other complaint - Zoomphoto. I'm sorry, but could you at least try to be creative in your shots? I noticed some of the 226 finishing shots were cool. But for the 113 - more boring than vanilla ice cream. I'm a sports photographer so I know what I am saying. Actually use those expensive cameras. It's all digital, processing costs nothing, just time.

One more issue: the post-race food. I'm vegetarian. I noticed meat burgers, turkey/chicken burgers and hot dogs. I asked if there were any veggie burgers - just in case they were to be made on demand only like other races. The response: "We have corn" as in corn on the cob. yeah, I don't understand that answer either.

I noted I would recommend this race to others, with the warning the pre-post race volunteers know nothing, so be prepared to do your own searching.

Peter D
June 8th, 2012 2:06 pm

I did the full swim and bike years ago (2009) to prepare for my first ironman. It's a fun event and very spectator friendly, the swim in Mooney's Bay was very calm and clean and although the bike was 12 loops it was okay. I don't recall much afterwards (food and drink) but there was a little expo friday nite and all day saturday.

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