Santa Shuffle – Newmarket

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Location 17725 Yonge Street North


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Discipline Running
Start Date/Time December 2, 2017 @ 10:00 am
End Date/Time N/A
Address Newmarket
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Runner Runner
December 7th, 2014 6:19 am

The MOST disorganized race you will ever experience. The race was supposed to begin at 10 am. The officials let people sign up for the race until there was no one left to sign in. They actually let the race begin 15 minutes late. This wasn't the worst part. There was no volunteers, or race officials, representatives on the starting line at 10 am, not at 10:05, not at 10:10... so what happened??

A HORDE of GREEDY runners took advantage of the fact that there was no one to stop them from cheating. About 50 runners took off at 10. My runner stood at the "START" line staring on in shock and disbelief. At aprox 10:15 an official finally showed up in the midst of the pack of runners and says, "I GUESS WE'RE RUNNING??!! Go that way" THAT WAS THE "OFFICIAL START". WOW.. NO ONE LINED UP except for a small hand full of people who are true good sports. It was DISGUSTING to see so many adults, proud of themselves CHEATING! They also had no problem claiming their age/category medals despite their cheating. SHAME!! If you are going to host a run. Put at least 1 volunteer at the start line at least 5 min before the race begins if that's the least you can do. Most races have people at the start setting up etc an HOUR or TWO before the run begins. No timing. People were finishing on the opposite sides of the road. It was absolute mayhem and I couldn't believe they actually handed out age/category medals to the cheaters.

It was a sad, disappointing day. We attended last year and we thought last year was disorganized. NO, it was perfection compared to yesterday's race. All could have been avoided with 1 official standing at the start. For those wondering about the mechanics of the run. 1. Finisher medals, you get them in your race kit, no one put's it around your neck at the end, I mean there was no one at the finish line for the first while of the race to even mark down your place, or hand you a finishers medal. You were running to the finish alone, no one to cheer you on or clap for you. 2. Yes, there's some food..oranges, apples, granola bars, coffee. 3. Santa shows up and gives toys to the children. That's nice. 4. They try and cram 300 people in one running room store like sweaty sardines to have everyone listen to the race instructions and walk together as a group to the start. That was what was supposed to happen, it didn't. 5. There is no start line, no roads blocked off, no timing and very minimal people on the course to let you know if you're going the right way.

If you're lucky you memorized the "turn left, turn right" directions from the white board leaning against a wall in the running room. Oh you missed it and you got lost? That sucks. No one told anyone that there was a white board with any instructions, we tripped over it and said, "Oh". 6.The lady at the table singing people in with shoulder length brown hair and glasses was absolutely miserable and the opposite of helpful. You were afraid to ask her a question and if you did she was angry to have to answer it. She made you feel like you were such an annoyance to her life. When you show up for a race, put a smile on your face, make people feel welcome, not the total opposite. She was like this with children as well. Sure it's stressful at the sign in table, but if you can't handle it and you make your guests feel unwanted and unwelcome, don't do this job, don't volunteer for the position. 7. This is a run where you dodge cars, people pulling in and out of their driveways, no safety as you cross roads.

If you like the game "Frogger" from the 80's this is the chance for you and your children to be the frog. There is not a single road blocked off for this race. 8.Fun run, well it's not fun if there's no one at the start or finish and hordes of people cheat, no shame, right in front of others. This could have been controlled by having ANYONE at the start line to prevent this. 9. Would have been nice if there was even 1 person at the finish line at all times. Handfuls of people finished the race with no one there to record their bib number or cheer them on. This race get's zero bananas. If I could give them minus 10 bananas I would. WORST RACE EVER HANDS DOWN.

FORGOT to mention NO BATHROOMS, NO PORTA LOOS..If you gotta go..TOO BAD!!

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