Peterborough Half Tri and Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon

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Discipline Triathlon
Start Date/Time July 2, 2017 @ 9:00 am
End Date/Time N/A
Address Peterborough
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July 7th, 2014 11:29 am

I will start this review by stating I did not participate in any events today. I was a spectator supporting several friends who did the half and sprint events... but have done a sprint triathlon last year that was exceptionally well run. This one was a sham, starting with a rather disorganized kit pick up race morning, that had you backtracking and going in circles to get everything you needed. Next up the mass swim start. This wasn't a huge event but having staggered start times would have been a better way to go. The two out and back loops for the swim (half tri only) would have been a difficult thing for many people not all that comfortable in open water, but maybe nothing could be done about that given the location? On the plus side, the park was a beautiful location for the event. The utter lack of signage or volunteers to guide athletes out of the water to the transition area , out of that area and around the course in general, made it so that spectators needed to guide their friends and family. Signs people!!! They are reusable and avoid these ugly messes. Several runners and cyclists were not able to navigate the course as it was intended! There were several small out and backs throughout the run where no one was available to tell people they needed to turn, resulting in inaccurate distances and times. This again happened in the bike portion where no one was available or the signs were not visible enough to indicate when you should turn. At the actual entrance back into the park I watched in horror as several cyclists nearly missed the turn and barely maintained control of their bikes! The park was suppose to be closed to traffic as of the race start at 8 am. but cars and large trucks were constantly entering and leaving, causing cyclist to have to dodge vehicles! My two biggest beefs with this race that I feel are inexcusable are (1)the tear down of transition area while over a hundred very expensive bikes and gear were left, was unattended so that anyone could wander off with them ~ seriously????? (2) the tear down of stuff that left the finish area a barren depressing area before the slower athletes completed their events, making their success seem less important :( Also doing the announcements and awards before the official event finish or the last person crossed the line was just rude! They couldn't wait the half hour??? Given the over $200 that participants paid to take part in the half triathlon I think these shortcomings made it a serious rip off! i would not recommend this event ~ save your money for a race where you get some respect!

July 6th, 2014 8:22 pm

Writing this review as a spectator with a husband and several friends participating in the Half Ironman Triathlon event.

Very disappointed with this event, especially for the $200+ price tag.

Race kit contained a reusable bag, t-shirt, a can of Red Bull, and a sample size bottle of Frank's Red Hot.

Liked the finisher t-shirt at the finish.

Unripe bananas at the finish were not good.

Signage or lack thereof:

Anyone not involved in the event was not aware there was anything going on and so there was a lot of traffic into and out of the park, which was supposed to be closed to vehicles during the Ironman event.

Direction or mis-direction on the bike and run courses - hubby cycled an extra 2K (and came within minutes of DQ) because no one was at a turn in the road to tell him and several others that they were supposed to turn, not go straight.

At the corner turning into Beavermead Park at the end of the bike route I witnessed several near-wipeouts due to not realizing it was time to turn, there was a police officer directing traffic but no one and no signage directing racers.

Several runners missed a section of the run due to no signage or volunteers indicating they were supposed to double back into the park.

Volunteers - the ones I could find were friendly, but there were not enough people on the routes to be helpful. When strolling up the street for coffee I saw over a dozen people in bright green volunteer t-shirts about a block away standing in a group for no particular reason.

Kit pick up - disorganized. Very friendly, though.

Once time was up for the bike portion, volunteers began taking down fencing immediately, including a large section of the transition area, which contained hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of bicycles and gear, and there were no security guards or race officials or even volunteers keeping an eye out for over 2 hours through the run portion of the race.

While I understand there is a window of opportunity to get the park prepped for normal park activities post-race, hundreds of people have invested thousands of dollars into this sport and I found it risky and irresponsible to leave the transition area open and free and clear to anyone walking past. As a triathlete myself, I was NOT impressed.

May 5th, 2013 9:41 pm

Peterborough Sprint was my first Triathlon.

Location of Beavermead was great. I checked it out a couple weeks before hand so knew what I was getting into ahead of time.

Kit pickup was well organized and informative. Kit had excellent instructions, maps etc. Race Shirt was great, well sized and it was a Merrell. High quality.

Race Day:
Wave Swim start, I was 2nd wave. I come from a swim background so had no problems with the single out & back loop. I took a wide berth as I knew I could to help stay out of the way of the masses.

Transition was well laid out and not that busy when I came through as I was out of the water well before most of the others in my wave.

Bike Course was up and down, hills were not too big, but big enough. Road surface was a little sketchy in places mostly near the start, but nothing that was unreasonable.

Run course was unspectacular, but alright. About half on grass around the outside of the park, then cut in the interior of Beavermead and to the finish. The route that the run took was great for spectators. My family was able to go back and forth and saw me 4 or 5 different times, which was a great boost for me.

The day was real hot, but they had tons of hydration and cooling option. Very well done.

Will definitely return to race again someday soon. Great place for my inaugural tri.

David Levy
April 18th, 2012 8:53 pm

My first ever half-iron.
Mass swim start, 2 loops.
A great rehearsal if you are planning an ironman.
The bike course is ondulating but still fast.
It can be hot on the run.
A great training day for mid summer ironman

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