Old Man River Summer Run

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Discipline Running
Start Date/Time July 1, 2017 @ 9:00 am
End Date/Time N/A
Address Lethbridge
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July 15th, 2014 10:17 am

This was my first ever race and although it was nice to get my feet wet with a small race it was very frustrating to have such a poorly organized and ran race. No website for the race and as I can tell so far nowhere to see results posted. The Half and the 10K both started on time but the 5K was at least 15 minutes late starting. This meant that I had to stand around waiting in the hot sun for 45 minutes till my race started. Then when it did start it was just some guy on a bike asking if we were ready to go and then proceeded to ride off saying "Let's go". Not the kind of start I was expecting. I look forward to running in a larger more organized event.

Old man
March 17th, 2013 12:14 am

I love running in Lethbrige. Not only is the city is well connected with trails and paths but the weather is often unseasonably warm and the challenging hills make it a perfect place to train for hardest races. I very much want to see races here succeed so I try very hard to support anything the two local running shops have to offer. It is however somewhat sad for me to say that this has been the most poorly organized event I have ever attended. Although the 2012 run did include an appropriate amount of signage to keep us all from getting off track, something the 2011 inaugural race did not, the half marathon only ended up being 18.2 km. what's more is despite the early warnings that it was evident from their map that the race was short, the race started with an announcement that given our location near the river bottom and the surrounding trees, we should not trust our garmin watches for accurate distance. I didnt need my garmin to tell me that a 1h 45 min half is a suspiciously fast time for someone who has never completed a half in under 2 hours. Not to mention in 25 + temps and nothing more than a gentle breeze that day (hard to beleive in Lethbridge, i know)They later told me they got the race map from the city who assured them of the accuracy, however when we overlayed the city's map with what they actually had us run, it was evident that they didn't even lay out the route correctly. It was poorly organized, poorly marketed, poorly planned overall. They are quick to remind us that this is a fun run for charity, however to me an event for charity deserves at least as much care as any other to ensure maximal participation, maximal satisfaction and maximal benefit to the charity itself. They did not do the charity justice. It has been my experience in general that the races organized by the Lethbridge Running Room over the past 2-3 years have all been quite poor. I hope things improve, I wish them much success in the future, but for now I wouldn't expect much from this group in particular. I sincerly hope they turn things around.

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