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Start Date/Time May 15, 2017 @ 9:00 am
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Address Mont-Tremblant
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July 2nd, 2013 1:30 pm

I am quite relieved to read this review. After seeing the comments left on the Facebook page about being so 'well organized' I felt quite infuriated.
I was part of a group that consisted of 10 people. 2 people got injured almost immediately and had an easy way back to the main area. Another friend pulled a muscle and couldn't go on I'm guessing around 6km in. I don't even know how he got back to tell you the truth. Our group split up quite quickly because of different fitness levels.
From what I heard the terrain was relatively dry through out at the 9am heat. Our heat time was at 11am. The Terrain was so muddy and swampy though out the entire trail which measured approx 15.5km. I knew we would be getting into mud and that it was part of the experience but after about 9.5km I was so bored with the entire thing. (I think we went nearly 5km without any obstacles) I felt like I paid money to go on a mud hike.
I completely agree with the lack of help and supervision and narrow terrains. For the first 3 km you wouldn't get past anyone. We ended up taking off on our run 15min late which helped immensely with the crowd being out of the way. (a friend warned us not to leave with the crowd) But some walkers left from that bunch could hardly move over to let us pass. It was quite awkward.
My husband pulled both his knees about 6-7km in. We decided to keep going stretching every 15-20min. Still being able to keep a decent pace and have some fun. Timing between stretches went to about 5-10minutes. Around 10km in we were able to see some tents from the main site about 1km off the trail. He didn't want to stop going figuring what was the point, quit after that long or limp another 2-3km to finish. Obstacles weren't going to be a problem for him. Finally after another 2-3km the pain was too intense stopping after every 2-3min it was just too unbearable, but we got to an obstacle. There was no one that could help us or point us in a direction back to the main site. Even volunteers that we found at an obstacle weren't able to help. They said we didn't have a choice but to walk the whole thing which had another 2.5km left! I was running back and forth through the forest to find short cuts for him.
Some signs every now and then couldn't have hurt to at least get you out when you actually needed it.
When 5000 people pay an approx. 100$ (not to mention sponsorship $) you would think they could at least pay for someone to be on site every few km's to help you get back for safety purposes and for the sake of the other racers.
15$ for spectators who can't even see you race until the end....very silly. 5$ for parking was also very surprising...I completely agree with Jeremy, why not just make a total price for something like this?
My husband were having a fantastic time and were excited to do it every year (even making note on the lack or supervision). After getting too badly hurt I cant quite decide if I really want to continue supporting this event, what a shame.

July 2nd, 2013 11:29 am

I wish I could write a more positive review for this race, I really do. As I enjoy the spartan style races but sadly, this is one of the worst races I had ever been to.

We arrived at the event at 10:30 driving all day from Toronto. When we arrived, there were 3 port o potties waiting for a lineup of almost 100 people outside the venue, so we waited.

When it was finally my turn, there was no toilet paper. Looks like I would have to wait longer.

The lineup to sign the waiver was long and the lineup to sign in was even longer. Having a season pass had zero benefit over signing up for this race individually.

This is the first race that I have entered where I had to pay for a bag check. I don't mind the extra $2 but if they added the price of bag check and parking into the registration fee, it would make life so much easier (again, being a season pass holder had zero benefit)

The race was disapointing too. I am guessing I ran between 3-5km before hitting my first obstacle. Along the way was very narrow paths with lots of bottle necking and mud that people avoided at every instance. Passing slower runner was almost impossible for 90% of the race as the paths were too tight and I often found myself bored waiting behind large groups of slower racers. Being someone who likes to push himself as hard as possible and be competitive, this was the worst part of the day.

Having no obstacles for 3-5km was bad. Having no volunteers for those 3-5km was a dreadfully terrible idea. I saw various injured runners hobbling along the course from twisted ankles or pulled muscles and realized they would have to hobble through thick mud and forest to however far the next obstacle was to recieve medical attention. I am very hopeful no one was seriously injured on the course as it could have been potentially fatal.

My buddy who ran this race with me refered to it as 'Extreme trail running'. I have to agree. Lots of mud, lots of 'up the hill, down the hill' Not a lot of obstacles. When I got to obstacles, they were entertaining and challenging, the one saving grace of the race.

After I finished the run, I decided to reward myself with a victory smoothie. I went over to the booth and asked the gentleman if it was possible to make a strawberry, pineapple, banana smoothie without the pineapple (I have a mild allergy) he said it is but there would be pineapple reminants in the blender (understandable) I asked if I could have one of the other flavour (Chocolate, banana, almond butter) he then explained that they mixed both flavours in the only 2 blenders they had. This is surprising as nuts is one of the ingredients in one of their smoothies and is a very common alergy. I had to pass on my smoothie.

After my buddy finished the race, he was looking forward to a victory beer. There was no beer tent either. This is even more odd as the 'Coors Light girls' were at the even handing out lanards and free deals. Out of every obstacle race I have been to, this was the first one that did not have a beer tent.

As much as this is a negitive review, the run was a challenge. Out of the half marathons, tough mudders and mud runs I have done, this was my greatest challenge. Unfortunatly, for the distance we traveled, and the enjoyment that I have experianced at other obstacle races, this one was very very far off the mark.

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