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Start Date/Time October 22, 2017 @ 8:30 am
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Had fun
October 30th, 2012 12:20 am

The volunteer were next great...Kudos to all

There was plenty of supplies at all the station, with many folks to hand off water and gatheraid.

The weather was excellent....

The only issue I have is with the start and the course as many have mentioned.

Probably stay on the main street for a lot longer to give the chance of the crowd to thin out before getting on the trail, or better yet get a different course. I ran the marathon, and my gps was at 42.2 about a half km from the finish, so a lot of staggering. I was not going for a PB so it was not a big deal, but would be if I was going ato qualify or for a PB.

October 26th, 2012 9:10 am

I have run this event several times and give this version 'most-improved'.

A few thoughts:Before the race starts, there should be loud announcements telling runners what event is starting and racing etiquette, is in where/how to line up, staying to the right, etc. Also include this in pre-race emails.

For those who are concerned about chip vs gun time, it should be noted that this is the way results are handled world-wide. People running for awards, ie faster runners need to line up in front. Since this is an event which attracts many first-timers :) I agree that there should be signs in the corrals indicating pace or finishing time so runners/walkers can orient themselves properly.

It was very nice to start/finish downtown. Nice atmosphere.
Thanks to all the volunteers!

October 25th, 2012 7:08 pm

The 2012 event was the best ever. I ran this event 4-5 times now, half and full marathon. This year was the best experience, not just because of the PERFECT weather! I give the start/finish location 2 thumbs up! It was an amazing feeling turning on Main St and seeing all of the people cheering us on to the finish line. Having the gates along the road was great. The announcers did an awesome job.

Compared to what other commenters have reported, I think that having the 5 and 10km runners start first was ideal. The other years, the top half and full marathoners were lost in the crowd (within the 5 and 10km runners). This year, almost if not all 5 and 10km runners had completed their run. It made a much better finish for the half and marathoners. I do agree that the marathoners could start earlier as I can see that there was not much people left by the time they finished.

As for the water stations, for me, there was more than enough. If someone needs more of these, I suggest they bring their own fluids.

As for the congestion, I guess it all depends on you caliber. If a runner is in the middle of the pack with re: pacing, I can see that they can be slowed down in the beginning. Every "experienced" runner knows how to properly position themselves at the start line. Arrive early!

October 25th, 2012 3:29 pm

Another great race and the weather was fantastic. Wonderful volunteers! I was however a little dismayed by the. Recharge with milk booth. The chocolate milk was very welcome but when I asked about the shirts I was told they were all gone. Our hotel room just happen to face where the booth was and my friends and I watched as they gave out shirts to other people. When my friends went down and asked again about the shirts they were told they are saving them for particular people. We watched marathoners come across the line and go to the booth, yet they did not get a shirt just wondering what was going on with that. Everything else was great and we all had a great time.

A Power Walkerr
October 25th, 2012 8:23 am

Loved the event, the energy from all the volunteers awesome. I found it to be a much improved course over last year.
The expo was excellent, the presentations were very enjoyable.
Kudos to the Finish line Medal presenters that was a huge surprise!

A well marked, marshaled course, Yes sign up on both sites should have a a tick box for walker/ Nordic walker.
All walkers/Nordic walkers could be reminded to start at back.

All participants need reminding this is a race, the focus is on completing a course safely in a timely manner; not
To block other participants from passing...............that's another sport Football!
Walkers/runners please don't block!
Thank you for including us in all your events...........

October 24th, 2012 6:42 pm

First of all - huge thanks to the organizers and volunteers! Great event. My "team" was pumped and motivated by the fans and supporters. Thanks so much!
But in the interest of making an already great event even better, these next comments are meant to enhance future L4L's:
1. Please honour the chip time over gun time and reflect same in post-race results. With the magnitude of runners for the 5 and 10k's, it's only fair to time us based on when we actually crossed the start line to when we finally crossed the finish line. So many participants made for considerable congestion. On one hand, it spurred us to run harder to get passed one other, but it could have caused injury. And when you have a great performance or a PB, it's nice to be recognized for same.
2. Please ask the walkers to start at the back of the pack. This only added to the congestion. Same goes for perhaps reminding runners to stick to one side of the road - especially when not passing other runners or when stopping to tie one's shoes. And this is in the interest of safety all concerned.
3. Water stations were most welcomed, but perhaps next year you could place one at the top of the hill in Dieppe rather than at the bottom of it? It's placement resulted in a loss of momentum for some participatns and again, may have magnified the risk of injury for those who were pushing through.
Having said that, I really did enjoy the race. Weather cooperated, the vibe was fantastic, and the participation level was inspiring. Let's keep building on this great event.

Pete T.
October 24th, 2012 5:23 pm

Great event - the volunteers and supporters were awesome. I second that the starting congestion needs to be alleviated somewhat as the event grows, but overall an excellent experience!

Runs Like a Girl
October 24th, 2012 3:55 pm

I agree with the other reviewers, there should be a staggered start for all distances, and walkers should be at the back or started after. Walking is great but they should not be in the front. The Half Marathon start was very congested. Things thinned out nicely after not too long. I think if you are running a marathon you deserve a little more kudos and they should get a good send off from everyone; I would have loved to see them start. A great event and a great route, great volunteers.

Runner B
October 24th, 2012 3:54 pm

This was my second L4L - The route was great, the volunteers very helpful. But as the other reviewers mentioned the start was a mess. I was racing for a personal best - the chute didn't open until 2 minutes before the start, and it was ridiculously congested with non-runners at the front. Some helpful hints and etiquette for non-racers prior to the race would have gone a long way (maybe email?). Even on the route back I was lapping 5km walkers 4 abreast on the trail and it was a pain. Please keep right! Stagger the starts too - the Bluenose did a pretty good job of it, take a look at their schedule. Running is only getting more popular, you have to deal with it logistically.

Utah Runners
October 24th, 2012 2:37 pm

We enjoyed the race and the near-perfect weather. We ran the half - one of about 70 we have run - and found the race support to be very good, with plentiful, well-stocked hydration stops along the way, manned by great volunteers. There were no issues with course markings. We didn't experience the congestion that others have mentioned, but likely because we started near the front of the pack. A staggered start or pace markings could be helpful. Our suggestions might be more closely related to "post-race" items. None of the race recognition items (shirt, medal or medal-ribbon) made note of the date or the place of the event. Including Moncton and and New Brunswick, and possibly the date, on one or all of them would be something I think people would like, as it identifies the race better - which can be a nice and useful touch. Also, when a race is held in a climate that is likely to be cool, something warm at the end is always very welcome, e.g. a hot chocolate, pizza, soup, etc. All in all, we enjoyed the race and the wonderfully warm reception we received in Moncton and New Brunswick.

Happy to be able to run
October 24th, 2012 1:59 pm

This was my 3rd Legs for Literacy and my first 10km event, what a turn out. I love the atmosphere of this event, there are so many volunteers (who we all appreciate) and supporters on the sidelines. The route is well marked and everything seems to run smoothly from the race kit pick up on Saturday to the actual events on Sunday. My only concern from this year's event was the congestion at the start line of the 10km run. I have always tried to start mid to back of the pack to allow the faster runners to get out front, but this year for the first 1 km or so I seemed to be passing (dodging) walkers and very slow runners which I have not experienced in other 1/2 marathons that I have done. I chalked it up to being a bigger turn out and the fact that I had not experienced a 10km start before and maybe they were all like that. I hope that a solution can be found to this, maybe a stagger start or a separate area for walkers to start from (at the back maybe), but am looking forward to the event next year and hoping to improve my time. Thank you to all the many volunteers and supporters who make this a great event. See you next year!

G. Corrigan RMT
October 24th, 2012 1:41 pm

Great crowds and alot of great motivation , the volunteers and directors deserve a great deal of thanks indeed.....
A Little confusion at start line as to where,and which group category
starts where and when... the Public address system wasn't very audible to alot of the runners.....!
Always nice to run in Moncton, especially when weather is so agreeable....

Brigitte L
October 24th, 2012 1:30 pm

I really enjoyed the race this year, especially the course layout. We weren't returning on our steps; one street one way and another street coming back. As a few have mentioned, if you can find a way for the start to be less congested, that would be great. Thank you so much to the organizing committee and to all the volunteers. A job well done!

October 24th, 2012 1:53 pm

First comment: I enjoyed the race. Well organized, great start location relative to hotel. I agree with a previous comment about staggering the starts. Given that we moved onto a trail rather quickly, it did seem congested, especially since we were meeting the 10K runners who were on their way back. Second comment: For the marathon, I was relying on a Pacer for the second hald. He did not do the Running Room 10 and 1, "as advertised". He ran the entire second half. It doesn't matter if there is 1 person with the pacer, or 10, or even no persons, the 10 and 1 should be adhered to. "My" pace guy was way ahead of me. I had the goal of trying to catch up during his 1-minute walks. He did not walk - not even once, even though the strategy was in print on his t--shirt. Unfortunate, for me.

Gilles Allain
October 24th, 2012 1:37 pm

I had a great time. Kudos to all of the organizers and volunteers who made the experience so incredible. It was only my second 10k ever, the first one only two weeks prior. Thanks to CBC for making me part of their team.

Happy Runner........could be esctatic runner!
October 24th, 2012 12:32 pm

Thank you for putting on a great event again. I liked the 10km route. The volunteers were fabulous. The route was well marked. There were so many things that went so very well.

The sports expo. We were hoping there would be more things present i.e.: great t-shirts with sayings on them; a bigger spot with more businesses/sponsors selling their wares would be great. A place for people to mingle.

t-shirts: peoople who want to exchange size probably need to do it after everyone else has received their package. When you sign up for an x-small.....you should be able to get the size you ordered. T-shirts this year don't get a 10 - color was great though.

water stations were excellent!!! I would have loved just one more toward the end of the 10km run........I was parched when I got to the boardwalk.

oh yes.......the walkers walking 4 abreast......that's a problem. It is great that walkers are out!!! Runners, nordic walkers need to be in front of regular walkers for all the obvious reasons. Walkers need to be in the very back of each category. Perhaps have a "W" by their number to keep track. I just know the frustration faster paced people are........I'm not a fast runner therefore I don't stand at the front......why aggrevate people.

Marathoners need to start first......by the time the last ones come in there are hardly any fans left. I felt discourged just watching things be disassembled when there were runners still out there. Half-marathoners next; then 10's etc.

The milk booth..........it was great to get chocolate milk!!! We appreciate that very, very much. Sponsors are so very important! What wasn't so great were the attendents who didn't give out the t-shirts at the end even though there was a box left....they were saving them for particular runners they said. There was a marathoner who clearly had run a hard run......they wouldn't give him one.......it felt wrong on so many levels. Then they packed up and left taking the box with them.

October 24th, 2012 12:06 pm

This was my first time running in this event (I took part in the 10km run) and for the most part I enjoyed it and found it well organized compared to other events that I have participated in. The only problem I have is the way in which the "official" times were recorded. Apparently the "Gun" time is being used as the official time, the problem with that is that my group of friends and I were at the back of the pack and it took us almost 3 minutes to cross the start line. For a couple of us our "chip" time was fast enough to earn Age Group placement awards but as the chip time is not being used we were not given that recognition. As it is physically impossible for the 1500 runners (5 & 10 km) to be at the start line at the same time I would suggest changing this for next year and using the chip time only.

October 24th, 2012 12:57 pm

Great event, but I had some concerns re location/spacing of aid stations for the half marathon course. There was one at about 1.2 km, a second one very soon after that, around 3.5, and then nothing more until you reached that 2nd one again on the way back at 9 km (I checked my watch). I would have liked to have one at the first turnaround. I didn't carry my own water/gatorade and was relying on well-spaced aid stations to schedule my walk breaks. I like the course but would have preferred a little more on the pavement.

Tammy B
October 24th, 2012 10:24 am

This was my first time running in Moncton and I really enjoyed the course and the event. It was well organized, well attended and the weather was great. I ran the half marathon and the only complaint I had was the I found it really congested for about the first 5-6 km and wondered if a staggered start for full and half marathoners would have helped. I realize that there were a record number running and can't imagine it decreasing over the years.

Annoyed Athlete
October 24th, 2012 10:06 am

I'm quite impressed with the turnout this year! The course was well marked and identified, and there were many volunteers to help. However, I'm extremely disappointed in the way the race began. Walkers and very slow runners were at the starting line and caused a huge slow-down for quicker runners who needed to dodge them for the first kilometre. I would like to make a suggestion that would alleviate the congestion at the front: similar to the PEI marathon, the starting gate had signs for runners to line up beside based on their pace per kilometre. I believe this will work better than a mass-start.

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