Isolation Run for Health Care Workers

Support Health Care Workers in Your Community

The world is experiencing a crisis of unparalleled intensity.

As people across the globe continue to live in isolation, one small but important part of their mental health and well being has been compromised – the ability to exercise.

Sport, the great uniter of people and nations, has been pushed to the sidelines, because one of its greatest virtues – bringing people together – is the very thing that we as a society can no longer do.

The NBA, NFL and NHL have all cancelled their seasons. Soccer matches globally have been cancelled. Marathons from Tokyo to Paris have been cancelled. The Olympics have been cancelled.

But a strange thing has happened. Around the world in every country, in whatever way possible, people are taking to the streets to do the one thing they can do. RUN. New runners, old runners, out of shape runners and runners with disabilities. We can’t run together. But we can run alone, in large numbers. We can put on our shoes and run. On our balconies. In our neighbourhoods, in our living rooms. We can run to preserve our sanity, our humanity. We can run to bring breath into our bodies and to remember what freedom feels like.

You might feel helpless in this pandemic. You might feel alone. But by doing the one thing you can do – run – you can make a difference in your community. Join #theisolationrun. Run for a minute or 20 or 60. Share your run story. Donate what you can at Every hospital across the country is on board. All you have to do is run, choose a hospital, and donate. Every minute you spend pounding the pavement is a minute you could be helping to save a life.

Isolation Run for Health Care Workers

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Start Date/Time April 16, 2020 @ 12:00 am
End Date/Time September 30, 2020 @ 12:00 am
Address anywhere in Canada!
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