Guysborough County Triathlon

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Location Guysborough Waterfront
Nova Scotia


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Discipline Triathlon
Start Date/Time July 16, 2017 @ 9:45 am
End Date/Time N/A
Address Guysborough
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July 28th, 2012 11:54 am

A small race in a beautiful cottage country-esque area. Only 19 in the Olympic this year and 25 or so in the sprint, plus a try-a-tri, a youth, and a team sprint race. The Olympic course was two laps of the sprint course in all 3 disciplines. The swag bags were pretty good, with the highlights being a technical long-sleeve shirt and a shower pass at the local fitness centre - good thinking! The locals were very friendly and excited for the race.

Organization was my main issue with this race. The course maps could have been more detailed to include the water and an elevation profile. The swim course wasn't explained till the very end of the pre-race spiel, at which point people got confused as to which race had to go around which of the five buoys in the water (there were 3 different distances). There was also a bit of spectating motorboat traffic that resulted in diesel fumes wafting over the swim course. The saltwater swim was clear and refreshingly cold (16 degC at the end of July) with a start just off a concrete boat launch (waist-deep) and mats leading up the hill to transition, to save your feet.

The bike course was gorgeous and consisted of rolling hills next to some of the many lakes in the area. There were stretches of rough/broken road that were marked but otherwise left untouched. The volunteers on course seemed almost indifferent, interrupting their conversations to offer capped bottles of water. If there was a sweep or any officials' vehicles on course, I didn't notice them. However, traffic control at the one intersection on course was well marked and effective.

The run course started and ends on a short steep hill at transition, with 1 rolling hill on an otherwise flat course. The course itself is mostly double track grass trail and packed gravel road with little shade. There was water at the start and at the turn-around, and I believe a family put up a water station at the end of their driveway on course. The family's stop was great - lots of yelling people and little kids offering a shots from water guns - while the station at the turnaround was quiet. The water station at the turnaround was gone entirely by the time I got to it, and the family had taken theirs down by my second lap. Again, there didn't seem to be a sweep of any sort on course. The finish line was a bit hidden, down a driveway and left at a fork; I know I'm not the only one who was confused as to where to go.

The food at the end was great, and included in the race fee - chocolate milk and fruit at the finish, and seafood and corn chowder with rolls at the awards. The corn chowder was delicious but had bacon in it, which my vegetarian teammate discovered.

Transition was spacious and clear. Timing mats are placed at the end of each discipline, so if you're looking for a separate transition time, you're on your own. There was no identifiable first aid staff on hand, though someone mentioned that a few people in the area were volunteer fire fighters. There was no indication that the race course was going to be closed at a given time; it would be nice if this was published in the future. The weather was 6 degrees hotter than forecast, and a few people didn't finish the run; I would have liked to see clearly marked medical personnel. Overall, it was a gorgeous location for a race, but a little small for my liking.

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