‘First Half’ Half Marathon

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Location Roundhouse Community Centre, Pacific Boulevard and Davie St
British Columbia


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Discipline Running
Start Date/Time February 12, 2017 @ 8:30 am
End Date/Time N/A
Address Vancouver
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Gilles Marchand
July 7th, 2015 9:33 pm

The PRR First Half in Vancouver is the premier event to run every year. It is a beautiful course, fantastic volunteers and always lots of fun. Every year I get up early on registration day to get in this limited road race.

Debra K
July 7th, 2015 1:45 pm

I volunteered for this race before finally running it this year 2015. It sells out early so you have to sign up quickly! As with most Vancouver races, the route includes lots of beautiful scenery. There is good support from the volunteers pre, race and post-race. This is probably not the best race for the casual, slower racer. Most of the runners I found are more serious and faster runners. Lots and lots of prizes are given out during the awards ceremony so make sure and stay!

Andrew S
July 7th, 2015 1:15 pm

An excellent race. I particularly enjoyed the beautiful route (someone near me in the race pointed out a seal!), which was well marked out with chalk and volunteers. There was a high quality field too, with good depth right from the front end of the field. There was lots of food and lots of support from organizers as well as spectators, all done in a downtown location! The only thing I'd ask for more would be a bigger race limit as having to sign up at the beginning of the first day of registration to claim a spot is just ridiculous.

Walter Downey
July 7th, 2015 1:28 pm

I did this race every year since 2003 (except 2010 - no race due to the 2010 winter Olympics). This is the best race all year without a doubt. well organized and one of the best courses in Canada. Good time of the year as well. It allows you to adjust your training plan for your spring marathon. This races sells out within hours of the registration opening. I would recommend this race to anyone as I usually do.

March 28th, 2013 6:23 pm

Scenic course and good support along the route. Plenty of food and fluids at the finish area and there's parking right at the start/finish area if you arrive at a decent time. We lucked out and got good weather which made a difference as it can get pretty windy and cold along the sea wall. Although it's the BC Championship race, I felt very comfortable doing it as my first half marathon. Max 2,000 registrants makes it big enough to be exciting but not too big to make it overwhelming as it can get tight along the seawall in the first 5K or so.

Peter D
July 31st, 2012 10:08 pm

I did this race way back in 2003, great event to start the season. Highly competitive too, start at BCE place and wind up circling the sea wall, alot of races use this route now but at least this one gets to cover some city streets too. Fast and flat, great atmosphere at the finish, nice little party, that's all I remember I was too serious back then and only focused on the pb I set! (1:16).

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