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MyNextRace.com, Your Online Starting Line, has been serving the Endurance Sports Community since 2005. Owned and operated by All Sports Marketing Inc. MyNextRace.com is Canada’s best and most comprehensive race and events calendar.   

MyNextRace.com is your one stop shop for the Generation Active community. We provide members with a fun, fast and user-friendly web community for active people to stay healthy, stay connected and find the best event that suits all needs and requirements. Whether you are an age-group champion, a weekend warrior or someone just dipping their toe into running, cycling, adventure races or triathlons, welcome to your online community.

MyNextRace is also home to the unique Banana Reviews that many of you have been reading, but we need more of you to write them!   Just like Rotten Tomatoes (movies), Yelp (food) and Trip Advisor (travel and hotel) we now offer you the opportunity to provide feedback from your race and event experience.  Have you ever finished a race or event and felt it could have been better?   Maybe more organized, a better, safer course, or for what you paid and what was advertised the event fell short?  This is your chance to give valuable feedback to the Events Community and not only help other athletes decide if this event is for them but also many race organizers are responding to the comments and improving their events.   Look for the Top Rated Banana Logo shown here to choose your next race.

Banana Reviews are very important for the industry, so we want you to take these seriously when writing them even if this seems funny!   Its free, fun and won’t make you fat.   Every time you write one we send you a banana.   If you believe that, we also have swamp land for sale in Florida.

All Sports Marketing now owns and operates the best Results website in Canada, Road Race Results.com (RRR).  This was a popular, Ontario-based website for many years and between 2015- 2018 it was expanded quickly to serve runners from Coast to Coast.  As you read this we probably added another race result somewhere going back to the 1990’s!   For now it’s mostly any and all “running related” results but we will then add other races and events once we are ready.   Road Race Results.com has data going back to pre internet days, feel free to send us links and files to races we may be missing, or check with us first for the exact format.  

How can MyNextRace.com help your race or event?

Our knowledgeable staff has passion and enthusiasm for the endurance racing industry to make your event successful for years to come. With 30 years + experience, either working or participating in race events, our staff will ensure your event receives the targeted exposure necessary to make a lucrative event. Contact us to get more information on how we can help you!

MyNextRace.com is owned and operated by All Sports Marketing Inc. Visit www.allsportsmarketing.ca to find more ways of promoting your event including: grassroots marketing, consulting, race day staffing, race kit/goodie bag program, email marketing, web marketing, event creation and distribution.

Jobs & Internships

MyNextRace.com often has opening for fun internships (unpaid but with lots of perks) and social media champions (exchange your skills for free race entries and swag!). Occasionally we also have openings for part-time or full-time employment. To inquire about joining our growing team across the country email your cover letter and resume to our Team, admin@allsportsmarketing.ca   Within the office we have a relaxed, casual atmosphere, with a full working kitchen, a shower in case you want to run or ride to/from work, easy TTC access to King and Queen Street, and always free coffee, energy bars and other snacks and freebies.

Jefferson is on site every day so if you are allergic to dogs he was here first!

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Jefferson’s Coaching Tip:

Jefferson says……don’t give up! It takes many years to improve your fitness and endurance. And if you need extra motivation, grab a four-legged training partner who has more stamina than you do….

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